Saturday, January 6, 2007

Saddam Hussein Is Not Dead?

Ye Gods. We would have thought that the rather gruesome video footage of Saddam Hussein's execution - which has been plastered across every video-sharing website in the universe - would have put this nascent conspiracy theory to bed, but you can't keep a good tin-foil hat down. From

'All the news networks of the world showing the antecedent moments to the hanging of Saddam Hussein. Journalists, Politicians, Everybody comment the death of Saddam Hussein.


WebSites like YouTUBE, Google Video should have on their homepages the video of this execution. But WHY is it completely impossible to find any scene bout this event?'

Riccardo S. Garelli

At first I thought this was an elaborate and well executed (ba-dum-tish) piss-take but apparently not. The site is the work of an Italian blogger named Riccardo S. Garelli who, having asserted that none of us have actually seen Hussein's real execution, read more


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